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Hebron Roofing: Article About Common Roofing Repairs

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When it comes to maintaining your residential property, the roof is one of the main structures that needs attention throughout the year. It's prone to damage and wear and tear as it protects your home from the elements. To keep the roof in good shape, there are a few repairs that are commonly performed.

Leaks are often repaired on roofs throughout the year due to small holes and cracks that develop underneath the roofing materials on the roof deck. Neglected leaks often lead to mold or mildew developing, which can adversely affect the health of the residents on the property. Hebron roofing professionals often repair leaks by inspecting the attic for sunlight that's coming through the roof boards. Roofing cement is then applied underneath certain tiles or shingles on the roof to seal off the hole or crack. The flashing that's installed around vents and chimneys is also one of the most common places where leaks develop due to the material lifting over time. A professional roofer will inspect the flashing and reinstall it to seal off the roof from moisture.

Replacing missing tiles or shingles is another common repair to perform to ensure that the home is protected. A roofer will examine the entire structure to ensure that each shingle or tile is secure to prevent exposed areas on the home.

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Storm damage will also cause repairs to be needed due to hail and high winds. This may require that the fascia and exhaust pipes are replaced due to excessive damage that can occur. A tree might also be knocked down onto the roof, which will require that a professional roofer rebuilds the affected area. Blow-offs can also result when harsh weather rips off the part of the roof where flashing isn't attached properly. This will quickly lead to water damage and leaks, making it important to have seams that are cured adequately. Roofing manufacturer's warranties do not typically cover storm damage that occurs.

Fixing improper repairs is also typical due to poor workmanship on the property. It's important to hire a licensed roofer who can perform the work right the first time to avoid needed repairs in the future.

Those who live in warm climates commonly experience blistering on their roofing shingles during the summer months due to high temperatures and sun exposure. This requires that the roofing materials are replaced to ensure that there's adequate protection for the coming years.

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