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A roof with asphalt shingles can last for up to 30 years, but it is important to regularly maintain the roof and to resolve problems as quickly as possible before costly repairs and renovations are needed. A variety of issues may reduce a roof's lifespan, and many issues can be eliminated or nipped in the bud with regular maintenance and inspections by a Hebron roofing service.

Clogged gutters, damaged shingles or piles of debris on a rooftop are common factors that contribute to roofing damage. Gutters are one of the main ways that water is directed away from a roof and the base of a building. They generally run along the sides of a roof and lead to a downspout where water can flow to the ground or into a drainage system.

Even if gutters are covered, it is still possible for debris, such as bugs, leaves and twigs, to become trapped in them. When gutters become clogged, water will not flow through them properly, which can lead to water overflowing and pooling in places where it can cause damage. This can result in deterioration and leaks in a roof and in the walls of a home.

Another common roofing problem is damaged or missing shingles that are not speedily replaced.

The roofing experts at AnyWeather Roofing of Hebron KY can assist you with any questions regarding residential roofing or roofing ventilation.

Shingles exist to protect the lower parts of a roof's structure from water. If shingles are torn, buckled or missing, water may have an avenue to seep into a roof and could damage a variety of a home's structural components.

Since it is not always obvious, especially near the apex of a roof, that shingles have been damaged or are missing, it is important to have annual roofing inspections performed by a local contractor. If a number of severe storms roll through an area, it may be necessary to have inspections done more than once a year. The sooner that a problem is identified, the less damage that is likely to be done to a roof, attic and a home's structure.

Debris from trees or a storm can allow water to collect on a roof. This standing water can damage a roof in several ways. The weight from standing water can cause a roof to sag, which in turn creates a larger depression for even more water to gather. Enough weight can lead to a collapse, so it is important that debris is removed from a roof to prevent damage from occurring.

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