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When it comes to having a new roof installed by Hebron roofing professionals, most homeowners want a structure that has a long lifespan and can withstand the elements. The durability of the roof will determine how long it will last and the amount of repairs that will be needed in future years. When studying the different roofing materials that are available, clay tiles present a few pros and cons.

Clay tiles have been used for several centuries in warm climates and are extremely heat resistant, which provides climate control inside of a building. The S shape of the clay tiles helps to deflect heat and keeps a property's interior cooler throughout the day. This helps to reduce the cost of energy by limiting the use of the HVAC system on the property.

Clay tiles are extremely durable and don't break or crack easily in storms or when placed under pressure. Unfortunately, they can suffer from damage if they're stepped on during an inspection by a roofing professional. This fragility of clay tiles can make it challenging to hang Christmas lights or clean out the rain gutters throughout the year, so great care needs to be taken when working around them.

This roofing material is often favored for the attractive design that it creates on buildings, thus increasing the curb appeal of the property.

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Clay tile roofs can increase the value of a home and will create a Spanish Colonial design that enables the property to stand out in the neighborhood.

Homeowners also appreciate the fire resistance that clay tiles offer and the fact that they don't rot. Insects are also incapable of infesting the tiles, which can offer a property's residents great peace of mind.

The weight is a well-known downside of clay tiles, often requiring reinforcements to be used on most roofs. A structural engineer will also be needed if the homeowners are replacing a shingled roof with clay tiles, which can increase the cost of the installation process.

The price can also be difficult to afford for those who have a specific budget in mind when purchasing a new roof. Clay tile has an average price tag of $300 - $310 a square installed, and that price varies depending upon the region and roofer that's hired.

Although there are drawbacks to using clay tiles in roofs, the material's longevity can be worth the cost and maintenance. Clay tiles have an average lifespan of 50 years, which is often ideal for homeowners who plan to live on the property for a long time.

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