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Hebron Roofing: Article About Best Roofs For Warm Climates

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The roof is the main feature of any type of building that determines the level of comfort inside of the home. Properties located in warmer climates are prone to suffer from high energy costs and often rely more on HVAC systems. To determine the best type of roofs to install in warmer climates, there are a few common materials to use with the help of Hebron roofing professionals.

Slate is one of the most ideal roofing materials for warmer climates due to the density of the natural rock, which offers a high level of insulation to interior settings. The material will not fade with frequent sun exposure and will maintain its attractive appearance over decades. The product has been used since the 17th century and is favored for its reflective properties that prevent heat from being absorbed. There are a variety of natural color ranges of slate, which makes it easy to choose a custom look that complements the surrounding architecture and style of the building. Light colored slate tiles are most effective at reducing the amount of heat that is absorbed.

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Clay tile continues to be used in warm climates for its ability to resist heat due to its S shape for less heat capture and light color shades. The shape of the tiles creates an interlocking design that promotes more air flow and prevents heat from becoming trapped. Terra cotta tiles are baked in a kiln, which allows them to absorb less heat because they are naturally less porous. The heavy weight of clay tiles also makes them ideal for their ability to insulate homes.

Concrete tiles are another option for properties in warmer climates due to their light color shade. They take a significant amount of time to heat, which helps to keep the inside of the home cooler throughout the day. The material is 40 percent heavier than clay tiles but is easier to install than poured concrete. Using concrete tiles that have cool colors will increase the energy efficiency of the property and will also reflect more sunlight.

Those who are not in need of a new roof but want to increase their energy savings and keep their property cooler can apply cool roof coatings. The clear coat helps to reflect UV rays and does not change the appearance of the roof. Darker roofs can also be painted white to prevent as much heat from being absorbed into the building.

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