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An attic's ventilation is essential to the performance and longevity of the roof. Problems such as a ventilation short circuit, blocked vent opening and insufficient square footage of vent openings can all cause too much heat and humidity to build up within the attic's space. Experienced Hebron roofing contractors can help homeowners to achieve the correct amount of ventilation for a more efficient and comfortable home.

Within an attic, moisture from indoor activities accumulates in the air along with humidity that results from changes in the outdoor air temperature. Ventilation not only removes the superheated air that develops in the attic on hot summer days, but it also assists with the dispersal of the moist air. If moisture is allowed to accumulate, the joists, beams and decking of the roof may warp or even rot. Local building codes require that a certain amount of ventilation be present when a home is built. In most cases, passive venting systems such as ridge, gable and box vents on the roof's peak and sloped sides are used to get rid of the hot air. Soffit vents, either as individual units or continuous vents, are used to bring in fresh, cooler air.

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In mild to cool locations where summer temperatures rarely reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit, these passive systems can be sufficient for an attic's ventilation requirements. However, in warmer and more humid areas, passive ventilation is usually not enough. Mechanical ventilation systems such as attic fans or turbines provide a better level of airflow than passive openings alone. Attic and turbine fans are most effective when they're installed when a house is first built. This helps to prevent any gaps or leaks from occurring around the fan's opening. It's possible to retrofit a house with a mechanical venting system so long as the proper types of flashing are placed around the vent openings.

In a multiple-year study of sealed attics versus those with combined mechanical and passive ventilation systems, the attics with optimal levels of air movement were cooler and dryer. The well-ventilated houses used less electricity for air conditioning during the summer, and their roofing systems had longer lifespans. If lack of proper ventilation is a known problem in a home, the owners can work with the roofers to ensure that the problem is remedied during a reroofing project. Turbine fans are inexpensive and don't require any electricity to operate. They move as a result of the stack effect of air that has different densities at various temperatures. Attic fans do use power but much less than what a central air conditioning unit utilizes.

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